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Rainbows on Sunny Days


"There you are!" exlcaimed Snowdrift, flipping back her light teal mane as she landed next to her friend Sunny Days, who had been standing on the only cloud in the sky that day.

Sunny turned to the light blue pegasus pony and blinked, eyes slightly wide in awe. "What are you doing awake at this hour, Snow?" She chuckled a bit then nudged her friend's shoulder with her rainbow-braceleted hoof. "Shouldn't you be resting up for your job?"

Snowdrift grinned at the orange-haired yellow pegasus and shook her head. "They can do without me for one night. Besides, it's summer, and there are no plans... I wouldn't miss today for the world, you know."

Blushing a little, Sunny looked away. "Aw, you remembered..."

"Of course I did!" Snowdrift interjected. "What kind of friend would I be if I forgot your birthday? I even got a cake from Sugar Cube Corner. Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie flew it up to Cloudsdale already. You should come -- Cherry Twist, Derpy, and Rainbow Dash are waiting for you, too!"

"R-really?" Sunny Days giggled and smiled, standing on her rear hooves to clap her front ones. "That sounds like so much fun! Thank you for setting this up!" And she hugged Snowdrift, then stood on all fours and spread her wings. "It seems like forever since I've been to Cloudsdale. I can't wait!"

Snowdrift spread her own wings, smirking and winking. "Well, good thing you don't have to, then!" And she took off into the sky, quickly followed by the bright yellow pegasus filly. Though they weren't as fast as famous pegasi like the Wonderbolts and Rainbow Dash, they could hold their own pretty well, travelling very quickly through the sky towards the pegasus city of Cloudsdale. The hub of weather, the birthplace of the majority of weather ponies and speed fliers, Cloudsdale held a special place in the hearts of the pegasus ponies, even though many of them moved away in their teenage years.

As they arrived, Sunny and Snowdrift touched down on the cloudbank nearly simultaneously. Folding her wings, Sunny bounced around Pinkie Pie style. "Ooh, I'm so excited. You said Rainbow Dash is actually gonna be here?" Her eyes went a little starry, and Snowdrift giggled.

Nodding, the blue night weather pony responded, "That's right. Our party-loving friends Cherry Twist and Pinkie Pie set things up, along with Fluttershy, and Derpy'll be there, too. Come on, your cake's over by the rainbow fountain." With that, Snowdrift trotted off toward the multicolored fountain outside the weather factory.

"Hey, wait for me!" yelled Sunny Days, quickly leaping up and flying the distance to her friend, than landing and trotting along with her.

When they got to the fountain, the first thing they both noticed was that it was covered in streamers, and there was a big banner reading "Happy Birthday Sunny Days!" draped across the top of it. There was also a hot-air balloon parked near the fountain, from inside, a familiar voice could be heard. "No, no...hmm, yes!" And Pinkie Pie popped her head out, her fluffy mane bobbing as she held up a set of party hats. "These were what I was looking for! Silly hats." She giggled, then waved to the approaching pegasus fillies. "Hi girls!" Pinkie leapt out of the balloon and both Sunny and Snowdrift gasped, but the pink party pony landed on the edge of the fountain, easily walking the circular balance-beam of sorts. "You silly-fillies! Don't worry about me."

Snowdrift chuckled a little, putting her hoof to her mouth. "That's Pinkie Pie for you. Nothing's impossible."

Sunny Days giggled and walked over, giving Pinkie a tight hug, but being careful in letting her go. "It's great to see you, Pinkie! I didn't expect you to come all the way up here!"

"Of course, Sunny," Pinkie said with a giggle. "Twilight rarely uses her balloon, so it was easy to get her permission! Oh, and Rarity made some of the decorations, but unfortunately, she was busy. Sapphire Shores is in town again and I think making outfits for her is taking all her time and --"

"Pinkie," said a calm and gentle voice, "don't forget to breathe." The voice's owner, a pink-haired yellow pegasus pony, slowly stepped out from behind the fountain, walking over to Pinkie and Sunny.

"Fluttershy!" Sunny exclaimed, standing and wrapping her forehooves around her friend. "It feels like so long since I've seen you! How are you? How are your animal friends? Everything's going good for you, I hope?"

Another chuckle from Snowdrift as she walked over to join the group. "Your turn to breathe, Sunny." She stuck her tongue out and giggled; she had been classmates with Sunny and they had bonded at an early age, so she was able to make fun of her friend without it being taken personally.

Sunny blushed a little and shoved Snowdrift's nose. "Hey, I have a right to be excited! It's my birthday, after all!" She snickered and stuck her tongue out right back.

"Yeah, silly night-pony!" chimed in Pinkie. "Let the filly have her fun! You only turn 18 once, after all!" She giggled.

"Well, I suppose there's no harm in that," said Fluttershy. "Just be careful, Pinkie Pie...remember, you can't walk on clouds this time!" Turning to Sunny, the other yellow pegasus nodded, placing a hoof to her chest. "Oh yes, things have been wonderful for my friends and myself. It's just been rather busy around the forest of late. I apologize I haven't had much time to spend with you."

Just then, a gray-coated, blonde-haired pegasus approached the group, setting a tray of muffins down on the edge of the fountain. "Muffins!" she giggled. "I baked 'em myself. Not much compared to the big cake, but, I wanted to bring ya something!" She smiled cutely, sticking out her tongue.

"Derpy! Thanks a bunch, they look delicious!" said the hyperactive fairweather pony, turning to hug the mail pegasus as well.

From an archway nearby, another familiar voice could be heard giggling. "No, really, though, I have to go! My friend's turning 18 today. Huh? No, it's a girls-only party, sorry." The gathered ponies listened to a raspberry, then watched a trotting Cherry come into view. "Hi gals! Sorry I'm late!" The blonde-maned pink pony didn't stop until she was in the middle of the group, standing on her hind legs to hug both Sunny and Snowdrift. "Happy birthday, Sunny! And Snowy, it feels like forever since I've seen you." She nuzzled the necks of the ponies who had been "upperclassmares" in her high school, who had helped her in many ways, including getting out of trouble. The rest of the girls at the party were closer to her own age, but Cherry Twist didn't mind hanging out with the older fillies, and her natural charisma and exuberance tended to make her a favorite among older ponies.

Pinkie began carefully walking along the edge of the fountain, starting to pass out party hats. "Don't worry, Cherry! We were just getting this party started, anyhow!" She giggled, hopping back into her balloon and putting on some dance music when she was done passing out party hats.

The ponies paused a moment to put on their conical hats, then Sunny looked up at Pinkie with a frown. "But, wait a minute, what about Rainbow Dash? Shouldn't we wait for her?"

Snowdrift grinned to herself, then forced back her smirk. "Let's go ahead and get started. You know she can be lazy...I'm sure she'll show up."

Sunny continued to frown, knotting out her muzzle a bit. "Well, I suppose you're right." Quickly she turned her expression into a smile again, and started dancing to the music. "Everypony, get your groove on!" she said with a giggle.

"I'm down with that!" Cherry said with a giggle, starting to sway back and worth on her hind legs herself, her wings helping her maintain balance.


After about 10 minutes, the group of friends had started to take dancing breaks, eating a couple of muffins here and there and drinking from a punch bowl that Cherry had gone to fetch.

Sunny Days was frowning again, looking off into the distance with her wings outspread. Snowdrift walked over to her. "What's wrong? How come you're not chatting or dancing anymore?"

Sunny sighed and turned back to look at Snowdrift. "Well, I'm wondering when Rainbow Dash is gonna get here. I kinda wanted to dance with her..."

Cherry giggled and waved a muffin around in her forehoof, standing up. "You can always dance with me!"

Pinkie snickered a bit from her seat on the edge of the fountain and poked at Cherry's back. "What about Big MacIntosh? Don't you think he'll get jealous?"

"Actually," said Fluttershy quietly and with a blush, "Big MacIntosh asked me out not long ago. I...I haven't answered yet. I hate to hurt his feelings, but I just don't like colts...or stallions...that way."

Cherry turned and gave Fluttershy a glare. "You lucky lil'..." But then she raised a brow, and turned her expression into a smile. "Well, just don't break his heart. I want there to be something left for me!"

Rolling her eyes, Snowdrift walked over to Cherry. "Weren't you just offering to dance with the birthday girl?"

Blinking cutely and fluttering her eyelashes, Cherry shrugged. "Who says I can't have a little filly-fooling fun, too?"

Sunny Days grimaced and rolled her eyes, turning to the others. "Uh, hey, don't I get a say in this? It's my birthday after all." She chuckled and walked back over to the group. She certainly did appreciate her friends lighthearted banter and attempts to cheer her up, but her heart ached, thinking to herself Why is Rainbow Dash missing my party? Does she...not like me?

Snowdrift smirked. "Besides, I think Rainbow Dash is closer then you know, Sunny."

A couple of blinks from the fiery-colored pegasus. "What do you mean?"

The ice-toned pegasus pointed up to the cake, which was light blue with pink trim, and as Sunny looked up, the fake top was opened, and a rainbow-maned pegasus poked her head out with a grin, then leapt out to dive on the now wide-eyed Sunny. "Surprise!" said Rainbow Dash between giggles, hugging Sunny and giving a lick to her cheek. "Happy birthday, Sexy." She grinned and winked, then stood, offering a forehoof to Sunny.

Cherry and Pinkie both laughed. "The ol' 'hot girl out of the cake' routine, eh Snowdrift?" asked Cherry.

Pinkie smirked and put her hooves up to her chin, folded downwards, in a classic cute stare. She had obviously played a role in this too, since she had baked the cake. "What's wrong with the classics?"

Smiling and shrugging, Cherry responded, "Nothin'. It was cute!"

Finally recovering from her dazed state, Sunny Days leapt to her feet, clapping her hooves. "Ohmygoshohmygosh, thanks everypony! This is the best gift ever!" She giggled and wrapped her forehoooves around Dash. "May I have this dance, Dashie?"

"Of course, silly-filly." Rainbow put her forehooves around Sunny's shoulders as she stood on her hind legs, and Sunny followed suit, lowering her hooves to Rainbow's waist, as they both extended their wings partially for balance. "You have no idea how agonizing it was waitin' in there for the keyword from Snowy there!" She snickered. "I've been lookin' forward to this ever since she told me you liked me."

Sunny gasped, looking to Snowdrift, but still smiling. "Snowy! You told her?"

Snowdrift stuck out her tongue. "Someone had to, and I knew she'd like you back, so nyah!"

"Well, I'm glad you did," Sunny said dreamily, holding on to Rainbow Dash tightly as Pinkie switched up the record for a slow-dance song. Rainbow Dash leaned in and nuzzled Sunny's neck, sending shivers through the slightly older pegasus pony.

"Awww!" said Cherry. "That's so cuuute! But now I have nopony to dance with..."

"I thought you might say something like that," replied Snowdrift, standing on her hind legs and outstretching her wings, offering a forehoof to Cherry. "Will you give me the pleasure of dancing with me?"

Meanwhile, Derpy offered Fluttershy a muffin from the tray with a blush on her face. "Muffin?" she asked candidly.

Fluttershy blushed a bit too, and shook her head. "No thanks, but I'd love to dance with you."

Derpy set the muffin down and took Fluttershy's hooves, just as Cherry took Snowdrift's, and they all stood, three couples dancing slow circles in the clouds, their wings all slightly extended to help them balance in the awkward position of standing on only their hind legs.

"Ah, love," said Pinkie Pie, leaning over the edge of the balloon with a wide smile and her forehooves on her cheeks. "It just makes me want!" She giggled and stood up on her own hind legs inside the balloon, twirling with herself in a fast-paced dance and making kissy motions in the air. By now, though, her antics were, for the most part, lost on her friends, who were enjoying the company of their dance partners.

Cherry was the first to start kissing, hungrily and sloppily lolling her tongue in Snowdrift's mouth. Snowdrift blushed heavily, but returned the kiss, though more gently, letting Cherry dominate.

Seeing that Sunny was looking over at their friends, Rainbow Dash smirked. "Looks fun, huh?"

Sunny Days grinned and nodded, squeezing Rainbow's back lightly. "Yeah. A lot!" But before she could say another word, Dash had leaned in and pressed her lips to Sunny's, shutting her eyes. Sunny's own eyes went wide for a second, but then she shut them, kissing back with passion, but softly. Though it was hard for her, Rainbow Dash restrained her aggressive nature, taking her time with this kiss, and waiting for Sunny to press her tongue out first, but taking charge and circling her tongue around Sunny's once the orange-haired filly did so. They stayed lip-locked for several minutes, tongues lightly twisting and playing with each other in a dance of their own, until the song stopped.

After that, everypony was ready for some cake, and Pinkie and Derpy helped serve them all. The group of friends basked in the sunlight, eating cake, drinking punch, and sharing stories the rest of the afternoon.


"Awesome party, girls!" said a slightly loopy-looking Cherry Twist, leaning on Snowdrift Wintermoon for support.

Giggling, Snowdrift stroked Cherry's hair. "I think you had a bit too much punch there, ey, Cherry?"

"Maybe," replied the blonde-haired pink pegasus with a hiccup.

"I'll see you home, then. I assume everypony else is good?"

Pinkie Pie nodded. "Absolutely! Just help me load up what's left of the cake, and back to Ponyville I go!" Fluttershy and Derpy smiled to each other, then to Pinkie, and started putting away the party supplies.

Sunny Days lay with her head in Rainbow Dash's lap, Rainbow leaning back against the fountain with one forehoof behind her head, the other absently stroking Sunny's mane. "We should definitely do this again sometime, birthday or not." She smiled to the other ponies, then placed a quick kiss on Dash's lips.

Rainbow grinned, licking Sunny's nose. "Absolutely. This was the most fun I had since the last time I did a Sonic Rainboom!"

Everypony giggled, then said their goodbyes and gave each other hugs. Pinkie took off for Ponyville in her balloon, Fluttershy began the descent to her forest cottage, and Derpy returned to her home near the Ponyville post office. Snowdrift had gotten up, half-holding and half-carrying Cherry Twist back to the dorms at the Flight Academy, resisting Cherry's flirtations and constantly reminding the filly she was too tipsy for any filly-foolery tonight, much to Cherry's dismay.

Finally, just Sunny Days and Rainbow Dash were left. Sunny sighed deeply, looking into Rainbow's eyes. "Stay with me tonight, Dashie?"

Dash smiled warmly and nodded. "Of course, Sunny. We're pretty much an item now, aren't we?" The blue weather pony pulled Sunny's rainbow-clad forehoof closer and kissed it, thinking to herself, How did I get so lucky?

Sunny blushed and smiled widely. "Yeah, I guess we are." She kissed Dash on the lips again, savoring the moment, and thinking to herself at the same time, How did I get so lucky?


~*~ FIN ~*~
A gift fanfic for my good friend :iconplatina-jolteon:'s birthday!
Starring Sunny Days, Rainbow Dash, Snowdrift Wintermoon, Cherry Twist, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, and Derpy Hooves.

This fanfic takes place outside of my normal continuity, so previous and future works don't apply.

Happy birthday, Sunny Days! Enjoy Rainbow Dash's lovin'. ;P

Speaking of Rainbow Dash, thanks go to :iconsmittyg: for creating this lovely picture of Rainbow Dash! You can favorite it here: [link]

Ponysona Sunny Days [link] (c) :iconplatina-jolteon:
OC Pony Cherry Twist [link] (c) :iconcherrytwist0:
OC Pony Snowdrift Wintermoon [link] (c) me

MLP: FIM and all other characters (c) Lauren Faust :iconfyre-flye:
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featured on my other account here [link] thank you
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I ended up liking this way more than I initially thought I would!=D

(BTW, is it wrong that I started thinking about this song during the dancing scene...-[link])
KitsuneRuri Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Well, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Why did you think you wouldn't like it, out of curiosity? The OC involvement?

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I loved it! You pulled off everyone's personality really well, including Cherry's. I laughed when she started acting jealous towards Fluttershy because I planned her to already have some resentment towards her but it seems you beat me to it. My favorite part has got to be when all of the couples start dancing and Pinkie Pie sort of mocks them in a way by spinning around and giving imaginary kisses. It's totally something she would do! She IS my favorite pony after all. Oh dear, it seems Cherry DID dip too much into the punch....

Yes, *Platina-Jolteon have a very happy birthday, and Sunny Days, I hope you have fun licking all of that leftover frosting off of Dashie!
KitsuneRuri Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
:iconfluttershyyayplz::iconsaysplz: Yay!

I'm glad you enjoyed it. :D And thank you for the compliment regarding character personalities! I always try to keep them as faithful to the show as possible, but it's always nice to hear I did a good job!

It's especially nice to know I nailed Cherry's personality, because I only had our conversations and her bio to go on! :meow: And yeah, I felt I had to throw something in about Big Mac, and since so many peopole ship him with Fluttershy, I figured it'd be a nice little moment to show that hint of jealousy. BUT! Of course I figured Cherry would be a sweet pony and not let it get the best of her.

LOL yeah, I was like, "I have nopony for Pinkie to dance with...oh wait, I don't need one!" I definitely felt that scene was spot-on for her. ^^;

I did the "Cherry Punch" thing to show more flirtaciousness on Cherry's part (her flirty side is really fun to write), but also to show Snowdrift looking out for her and refusing to take advantage. :D

I look forward to RPing with you sometime, or maybe writing Cherry in another fic? With your permission, of course. ~

And btw, would you mind if I requested/commissioned someone for a Snowdrift x Cherry pic? :meow: I thought they were cute together.

etramors Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2011  Hobbyist Artist
I'm up to RP and you can use Cherry in as many fics as you'd like. And sure, you can draw a Snowdrift/Cherry picture! It'll be nice seeing her get some love since Big Mac never gave her any to begin with. =P
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Anytime you wanna RP, note me or IM me on Skype if I'm on! I'll do the same.

Thanks for all the permissions! :meow:

But, I'm a pretty terrible artist...that one pic of Snowdrift I drew took me 4 MS Paint. -_-;; That's why I was asking about a request or commission. ;P I was thinking about asking :iconmrsstarsparkle:...of course, if you would like to draw the pic, that'd be great, too! Hehe. I could also ask Platina! Lol.

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:iconpinkieisexcitedplz: THAT WAS AWSUM!

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:iconhappytearsplz: awaaaaaahh it was so purdyfullllll
KitsuneRuri Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
I'm so glad you enjoyed it, my dear! :D

It was my pleasure. It was a lot of fun to write! My first time writing OCs into ponyfiction, and my first time writing in Cloudsdale, too!

Much birthday love,
FENNEKlNS Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
YUSSSS I luffed eeeeet ;U;

teehee, well you're really good at it. cx
I have no confidence in my writing at all. -killed-

KitsuneRuri Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you much for the compliment. :D

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Other people's most favorite of my fanfiction is my fluffy ScootaBelle ship:
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Part 2, Sweetie Belle's Love Song [link]

Also...practice makes a big difference! If you like to write, you should by all means keep going! I, on the other hand, can't draw for crap and am too lazy to practice hard enough to improve dramatically. xD

FENNEKlNS Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
youre welcome. ^^

Yeah, I can check em out sometime. =3

I guess you're right! But I get quite embarassed when people read anything of mine. ;x;'
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